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How to Clean Your HVAC System for Improved Air Quality

There are several priorities that you may have in your home that involve your HVAC system, and air quality is often high on this list. There are several ways to keep your home’s air quality high that relate to your HVAC setup, and one is quite straightforward: Basic cleaning of the system and its various components.

At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we’re here to offer a wide range of furnace repair, AC repair and other HVAC services for clients around Sandy, Midvale, Draper, Cottonwood Heights, Riverton and nearby areas. We assist clients with air quality-related needs all the time, including air filtration products and more. Here are some of the basic ways that cleaning the HVAC system periodically can help with your home’s air quality, whether this cleaning is done on your own or with the help of our HVAC professionals.

Regular Filter Changes

While some people would count this as maintenance and not cleaning, it’s so important that it’s worth mentioning on its own. Regularly changing your HVAC system’s air filter – which should be done at least every few months, if not more often – is vital for keeping pollutants out of the air in your home. If this filter is clogged with debris or contaminants, it can no longer do its job properly and will allow these materials to enter the air you breathe.

When you work with our HVAC contractors, we’ll replace your air filter as part of any tune-up or maintenance appointment.

Basic Vent Cleaning

Another simple step you can take on your own, basic vent cleaning involves vacuuming out all the vents in your home to prevent dust and other debris from building up. While this isn’t as thorough or effective as professional duct cleaning services, it’s still a good way to keep the air quality high in between professional cleanings.

Vacuuming your vents also helps improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system by allowing air to flow freely through the vents without being obstructed by debris. This means that not only will your home have cleaner air, but you may also see a decrease in energy costs.

Professional Duct Cleaning

For a more thorough and effective cleaning, it’s important to schedule professional duct cleaning every few years. Ducts can accumulate a significant amount of dust, debris, and even mold over time. This buildup not only affects air quality, but it can also reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system and cause it to work harder than necessary.

Our team at Thompson’s Comfort Connection uses specialized equipment to clean out your ducts and remove any contaminants that may be lurking inside. We also provide UV light installation services to help prevent future mold growth in your ductwork.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to regular filter changes and periodic vent cleanings, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system. This includes tasks like lubricating moving parts, checking and replacing worn belts, and cleaning the condenser coil. These steps help ensure that your system is operating at its best and can continue to provide clean air throughout your home.

At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we offer comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans to keep your system running smoothly all year round. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your system, making any necessary repairs along the way.

Proper Ductwork Sealing and Insulation

From a preventive standpoint, having properly sealed and insulated ductwork can also greatly improve the air quality in your home. This keeps pollutants from entering your system through gaps or leaks in the ducts, and also helps prevent conditioned air from escaping into unconditioned areas of your home.

If you’re unsure about the state of your ductwork, our team can perform an inspection and recommend any necessary sealing or insulation services.

Pet Awareness

One extra tip for any home with pets is to be mindful of their impact on air quality. Regular grooming and vacuuming can help reduce pet dander and fur in the air, which can irritate allergies and asthma. It’s also important to regularly clean your home’s air filters when you have pets, as they tend to shed more than human occupants.

Overall, keeping your HVAC system clean and well-maintained is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality. By following these simple tips and working with our team at Thompson’s Comfort Connection, you can breathe easier knowing that your HVAC system is providing clean, healthy air for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC services and how we can help improve your home’s air quality, whether you’re in Sandy, Midvale, Draper, Cottonwood Heights, Riverton or any nearby area.


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