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Furnace Maintenance (Tune-Ups)

Thompson's Comfort Connection
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Furnace Maintenance in Salt Lake City

Furnace Safety Check:

  • Check the Air Filter
  • Check for Adequate Combustion Air
  • Check for Combustible materials near the Furnace
  • Check the Flue for proper sizing, clearances from combustibles and proper flue cap.
  • Check the Heat Exchanger for cracks
  • Check and Adjust Burners
  • Check the Ignitor or Thermocouple
  • Check and Clean the Flame Sensor
  • Check the Limit and Pressure Switches
  • Check for Gas Leaks
  • Check the Temperature Rise
  • Perform a Combustion Analysis
  • Check for the presence of Carbon Monoxide
  • Check Humidity Level



Furnace Precision Tune-Up:

  • Everything on the Furnace Safety Check
  • Pull and Clean Burner Assembly
  • Includes Questar Green Sticker Service
  • Clean the Heat Exchanger
  • Remove and Clean the Blower Assembly
  • This Tune-Up takes about 2 Hours to complete
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