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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Salt Lake City

Air Conditioning 
Safety Check:

Check the Air Filter
Check the Furnace Blower Condition
Check the Blower Run Capacitor
Check Condenser Fan Blade Condition
Check Condenser Fan Motor Amp draw
Check the Contactor
Check the Compressor/ Condenser Fan Motor Capacitor
Check the Compressor amp draw
Check Refrigerant Pressures (Subcooling/Superheat)
Check Evaporative Coil Condition
Check Condensate Drain
Check for adequate airflow at all registers
Check Supply and Return Temperature Difference

Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up:

Everything on the Safety Check
Balance Refrigerant Charge and add refrigerant (Up to 1 LB of R410A or up to ½ LB R22)
Clean Condensate Drain
Pull top and Clean inside of Air Conditioner
Clean Condensate Drains
Clean Outdoor Condenser Coil
Shine Outdoor Condenser Painted Surfaces

Swamp Cooler 
Start Up:

Clean and Flush Drain Pan
Clean Pump Screen
Set and Check Pump Operation and Water flow
Inspect Water Line for leaks
Inspect Water Valve for leaks and operation
Turn on water
Adjust Float
Fill and Start Cooler
Check Motor Belt Condition
Lubricate Motor Bearings
Lubricate Motor
Check Motor Amp Draw
Inspect Water Line for Leaks
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