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Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair in Salt Lake County, Utah

If you’re anywhere in Salt Lake County, Utah and looking for high-quality furnace repair services, our team at Thompson’s Comfort Connection is here to help. We are a full-service heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company with years of experience in the field.

Our team consists of highly skilled technicians who are committed to providing exceptional repair services for all makes and models of furnaces. Whether you have an old furnace that needs regular maintenance or a new one with complex issues, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. We’re standing by to take care of all your furnace repair needs in Salt Lake County, Utah.


Quality Furnace Repair Solutions

If you’re experiencing any issues with your furnace, we understand how frustrating it can be. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing top-notch furnace repair services that are both efficient and effective. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to diagnose and fix any problem your furnace may have.

Our technicians are trained to handle a wide range of furnace issues, from minor repairs to major overhauls. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly identify the root cause of the problem and provide reliable solutions that will keep your furnace running smoothly for years to come.

Furthermore, we’re available 24/7 for emergency furnace repairs in Salt Lake County, Utah. We know that furnace issues can arise at any time, and we want to make sure you’re not left in the cold. Our team is always ready to respond quickly and efficiently to ensure your comfort and safety.

Quality Staff Working With You

For any kind of furnace repair, you need a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians that you can trust. At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we make sure to only hire the best in the business. Our technicians are fully licensed by the Rocky Mountain Gas Association and fully insured, and they undergo regular training to stay updated on the latest industry trends and techniques.

We understand that every home is unique, which is why our team takes the time to assess your specific furnace repair needs and provide tailored solutions that fit your budget. We believe in providing transparent services, so you can trust us to give you honest and accurate assessments of your furnace’s condition.

Common Furnace Issues We Assist With

There are a number of different issues that can arise with your furnace, but our team at Thompson’s Comfort Connection is equipped to handle them all. Some of the most common problems we assist with include:

  • Filter concerns: A dirty or clogged air filter can cause your furnace to work harder and less efficiently. We’ll assess the condition of your filter and replace it if necessary.
  • Lack of heat: If your furnace is failing to produce heat, our team will diagnose the issue and provide efficient repairs to get your system up and running again. This can range from faulty thermostats to issues with the pilot light.
  • Heat exchanger problems: Within your furnace, the heat exchanger is responsible for transferring heat from the combustion chamber to your home. If this component is malfunctioning, it can cause issues with heating and even pose safety hazards. Our team has the expertise to replace or repair heat exchangers as needed.
  • Cold spots: Another common issue is when some parts of your home feel colder than others. This can be a sign of poor insulation or ductwork issues, both of which our team can address. We’ll make sure your entire home is heated evenly for maximum comfort.
  • Comprehensive tune-ups: On top of repairs, we also offer comprehensive tune-up services to keep your furnace running efficiently and catch any potential issues before they become major problems. Our team will perform a thorough inspection of your system, clean components, and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.


Best of all, we provide free estimates for all our furnace repair services in Salt Lake County, Utah. We want you to have a clear understanding of the work that needs to be done and how much it will cost before any repairs are made. Our team will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

At Thompson's Comfort Connection, we are dedicated to providing top-notch furnace repair services in Salt Lake County, Utah. Contact us today for all your HVAC needs and experience the difference of working with a team that puts quality and customer satisfaction first.
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