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Furnace Maintenance & Tune Ups in Sandy, UT and Nearby Areas

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Furnace Maintenance in Sandy, Utah

Furnace Safety Check:

Check the Air Filter
Check for Adequate Combustion Air
Check for Combustible materials near the Furnace
Check the Flue for proper sizing, clearances from combustibles and proper flue cap.
Check the Heat Exchanger for cracks
Check and Adjust Burners
Check the Ignitor or Thermocouple
Check and Clean the Flame Sensor
Check the Limit and Pressure Switches
Check for Gas Leaks
Check the Temperature Rise
Perform a Combustion Analysis
Check for the presence of Carbon Monoxide
Check Humidity Level

Furnace Precision Tune-Up:

Everything on the Furnace Safety Check
Pull and Clean Burner Assembly
Includes Questar Green Sticker Service
Clean the Heat Exchanger
Remove and Clean the Blower Assembly
This Tune-Up takes about 2 Hours to complete
Serving your family in the Salt Lake City, Utah area for over 70 years

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