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Breaking Down Each Letter in HVAC Operations

There are certain industries where clients will have quite a varying range of pre-existing knowledge, and the HVAC world is a great example. A regular role of HVAC professionals is helping explain certain concepts or components to their clients during maintenance, repair or installation appointments, and for some clients who are true beginners in this area, this may involve a simple definition and explanation of the acronym “HVAC.”

At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we’re here to offer numerous heating and air conditioning tune-up services, repairs, replacements and more for clients around Sandy, Draper and nearby areas. Here’s a basic definition of the HVAC acronym for those who aren’t aware, plus some basics on each of the letters in this arrangement and the key ways to consider them – both on your own and when utilizing the assistance of HVAC professionals like ours.

General Definition of HVAC  – And Role of HVAC Specialists

For those just learning about HVAC systems, the acronym stands for “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.” Essentially, this acronym is used as a broad, all-encompassing term for various heating and cooling systems that are used in residential or commercial properties.
The primary goal of any HVAC system is to keep the temperature of the space comfortable – meaning, not too hot or cold – while providing air movement to help circulate fresh air throughout the property and reduce indoor moisture levels. As such, HVAC specialists and professionals are typically used to install, inspect, repair and maintain these systems in a variety of locations.

Now, it’s important to note that HVAC care is an interplay between HVAC professionals and home or building owners. As the property owner, you should conduct regular inspections of your HVAC system or parts to help keep them in good condition. Meanwhile, HVAC professionals can provide more specialized services like annual tune-ups that involve cleaning and replacing worn or damaged components for improved performance and lower energy costs.

Our next few sections will go over each of these three primary areas of HVAC, plus what to think about within each.


The H in HVAC stands for heating, and this is among the most crucial elements of a properly functioning system. This involves the process of raising the temperature in a space or property to create comfort during colder months.

When it comes to your own HVAC setup, you’ll want to pay attention to things like thermostat settings, furnace filters and other components (such as furnaces, boilers and heat pumps) that are part of your heating system. For many homeowners, it’s often beneficial to have an HVAC professional come in for a tune-up before winter sets in – or at least be ready to call one if you spot any issues with your heater.


Next up is ventilation, which is sometimes the most overlooked of the three. This refers to the process of bringing in fresh air from outside, pushing stale air out and providing circulation within your property. Proper ventilation can help reduce allergens, odors and pollutants while also improving indoor air quality overall – not to mention avoiding uncomfortable stuffiness or humidity levels.

As part of this process, you’ll want to check up on air filters, registers and other parts that are important for proper ventilation. As with heating components, HVAC professionals can help provide more detailed inspections and tune-ups to ensure optimal performance and healthier indoor conditions.

Air Conditioning

The AC in HVAC stands for “air conditioning,” which is the third essential element of a functioning system. This involves cooling down a property in order to create a comfortable climate during hot weather months.

For your own HVAC system, you’ll want to be aware of things like condensers, evaporator coils and other components that are involved with air conditioning. It’s always wise to have an HVAC specialist come in for a tune-up before summer hits, as well as keep up with regular maintenance to help avoid more extensive repairs or replacements later on.

At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we can provide HVAC services for all of these elements and more. From general inspections and tune-ups to repair and replacement work, our team is here to help keep your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in excellent condition. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and let us help you keep your Sandy or Draper home or business comfortable all year long.


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