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Causes and Remedies for a Furnace That Won’t Turn On

We’re in some of the coldest parts of the year currently, and if your home is having issues with its furnace in any way, these can be a major issue for comfort and efficiency alike this winter. One possible such concern that will typically require immediate attention is a furnace that refuses to turn on and begin providing warm air to the home – and there are a few reasons why this may happen. 

At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we’re here to offer a wide range of furnace repair, maintenance and installation services to Sandy and nearby clients. We’ll ensure your system is in great shape this winter, and that it’s not experiencing issues. Here are some possible reasons why the furnace won’t turn on, plus what can be done about it – either on your own or with the help of our HVAC technicians wherever needed.

Gas Line Problem

For gas furnaces, one of the more common issues is that there may be a problem with the gas line or supply. This could involve debris blockages, a slow-running connection between the two, or even an issue where the furnace isn’t receiving enough fuel in order to function properly.

While many areas of gas line repair should not be attempted by homeowners without training, one simple thing you typically can do in this case is check whether your gas is turned on to begin with. You can check this by locating your home’s gas shut-off valve, which is located outside. Or if you don’t want to go this route, you can simply turn on another gas appliance, such as your gas stove, and confirm that it’s working.

If these checks reveal that your gas is on, but your furnace still won’t turn on, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a more serious issue. Contact us for further assistance and we can help find the cause of the problem and suggest possible solutions.

Furnace Issues

In other situations, the furnace itself will be the primary source of the issue. This could involve a wiring problem, an ignition system failure, or something else that is preventing the furnace from turning on and operating properly.

If you’re experienced with HVAC repair, you may be able to open up your furnace and check for any loose connections or parts that need to be replaced. However, as a general rule, it is highly recommended to contact a qualified HVAC technician if you’re dealing with any kind of furnace issue. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all kinds of furnace repair work – we can easily identify the cause of the problem and suggest a course of action for getting your furnace up and running again as quickly as possible.

Thermostat Concerns

The thermostat is another component that could be causing your furnace to not turn on. In some cases, the thermostat may be malfunctioning or has been set too low for the furnace to activate. Other times, it could be a wiring issue between the thermostat and the furnace itself.

If you’re checking your thermostat, first confirm that it is properly powered – either through a battery or electrical connection. Additionally, check the thermostat setting and see if it is set too low – you should adjust this as needed to ensure that your furnace will be able to turn on when necessary.

If these steps fail to resolve the issue, there could be an internal wiring problem between the thermostat and the furnace – again, this is likely best to be handled by a professional. We can help diagnose the problem and suggest possible solutions.

Air Filter Problems

Most modern furnaces are designed to shut down automatically if they sense an inability for warm air to flow within the HVAC system, and a chief potential culprit in this scenario is the air filter. If your furnace has been in use for a while, it’s important to check and replace the air filter periodically – this can help ensure that air is able to flow through the system freely, preventing any shutdowns or similar issues.

Other Air Flow Restrictions

There are also a few other possible causes of restricted air flow that could lead to your furnace not operating correctly. These can include debris, dust, or other buildups in the system that are blocking the airflow – this is especially common if the system hasn’t been cleaned or serviced recently. In any case, it’s important to have these issues checked and resolved as quickly as possible.

Pilot Light Not Working

Finally, a possible reason your furnace won’t turn on is that the pilot light is not working. This can occur due to a blockage in the pilot line or a lack of fuel entering it – you may need to call an HVAC technician for assistance if this is the case.

With these potential causes and solutions, hopefully you now have a better understanding of why your furnace may be refusing to turn on – and what you can do about it. If you’re experiencing the issue of your furnace not turning on and have checked all of the above possibilities, it may be in your best interest to contact our team at Thompson’s Comfort Connection for further assistance. We can help diagnose and repair any issue with your furnace quickly and efficiently, getting you back to a comfortable home as soon as possible. Call us today!


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