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Why is My Electric Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

During the cold Utah winter, there are few things homeowners want to deal with less than issues with their furnace or other heating components in the home. In particular, what could be the culprit if your home’s electric furnace is blowing out annoying cold air instead of creating warm air like it’s meant to?

At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we’re happy to offer a wide range of furnace repair, furnace replacement and other HVAC repair services to clients around Sandy, Draper and nearby areas, including for electric furnaces. Here are some possible reasons why an electric furnace might be blowing cold air, plus what can be done about it – either on your own or with help from our professionals wherever necessary.

Fuse or Circuit Breaker Issues

In some cases, the issue here is not with your furnace itself, but with the power source. If you’re receiving cold air from your electric furnace, make sure to check all fuses and circuit breakers related to it – look for any breaks or tripped circuits that may have occurred.

If everything looks fine on this front, however, you’ll want to move on to other potential causes. Most modern electric furnaces have built-in trip switches that will turn off the furnace in case of a power issue, so if you keep experiencing issues with cold air blowing out after resetting, it’s time to consider other possibilities.

Thermostat Problems

In other cases, the issue could be with your thermostat. Thermostats can break down over time just like any other appliance, and one of the most common issues is a breakdown in communication with the furnace – meaning it isn’t able to signal the furnace to turn on in order to create warm air.

First check on basic areas like batteries or electrical connections that might be causing issues here. If these don’t seem to be the problem, you may need professional assistance in diagnosing and repairing a thermostat issue.

Clogged Air Filter

Your HVAC system’s air filter plays a vital role in keeping the system running smoothly. If your furnace is blowing cold air, you may have a clogged air filter that’s preventing proper airflow and reducing efficiency.

Fortunately, this issue can be handled easily on your own – simply replace the dirty air filter with a new one and see if this solves the problem.

Insufficient Power

In some cases, an electric furnace might not be blowing cold air at all – it might simply not be turning on. Why would this happen? One possibility is insufficient power, which could come from several areas – a trip switch that isn’t fully reset, a wiring issue in the furnace or even an issue with your home’s circuitry.

In certain severe situations here, your home may require an electrician before your furnace will be able to function properly. At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we’ll be happy to help with any such needs you have.

Duct Leak Issues

Another key component of your furnace system is the ductwork that helps transfer warm air throughout your home. If there’s a leak in this area, it could cause cold air to enter the system and mix with the warm air being created – which will lower temperatures.

In most cases, finding and repairing these leaks involves knowing where to look within your ducts. In addition, you may need to re-seal some areas or even replace damaged portions of duct. We can assist with all these tasks at Thompson’s Comfort Connection.

Problems With Condensate Line

As part of your furnace’s operations, a condensate line will often remove moisture from the air and send it out of the home. If this line becomes clogged or otherwise blocked, it can back up into your furnace – leading to cold air being blown rather than warm.

In these cases, we recommend getting in touch with our professionals for assistance. We’ll assess whether the condensate line is an issue, then take steps to address this and return your furnace to proper function.

Furnace Overheating

While this may sound counterintuitive, it’s possible for an electric furnace to overheat and begin blowing cold air as a result. This is generally caused by the system overheating due to clogged filters or other issues – in these cases, the furnace will shut down or tell you that a problem has occurred.

In most situations where this occurs, remedying the cause of the issue will be enough to get your furnace back to working properly. If you’re unable to determine the cause, or if further issues arise, our team is here to assist with all areas of electric furnace repair and related needs.

There are several possible reasons why an electric furnace might be blowing cold air instead of warm air. You may be able to handle some issues on your own, but don’t be afraid to reach out for professional help when needed.

At Thompson’s Comfort Connection, we’re always here to help you stay warm and comfortable during the winter months. Contact us for help with any HVAC repair need around Sandy, Draper or nearby areas!


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